Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Yards

Busy start on the garden last weekend. Dave came home early to chase a Raccoon out from under the deck, makes it hard to work in the backyard when you know a wild animal is watching you. Planted tons of flowers on the terrace that Dave has been working hard on for the last 2 summers. All rocks, railroad ties etc he brought in by going out in the mtns with his bare hands and trusty truck "jet". We put some new flowers that we have never grown before for instance, foxglove, aramanthus and grazanias along with the usual dahlias, vincas, verbenas, pansies, asian grass, hybrid lilys, mums, geraniums and fuchias. I will post pictures when they are taller and more mature.
Along with planting I found time to paint my 50's metal garden chairs, they are so pretty, flowers stands and will start on picture frames with pastel colors, then it will be the big project of the 1900's clothing trunk.....

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